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Friday, January 13, 2012

Your Shape ROCKS!

Ok so yesterday I didn't post because during m. Free time instead of being on my iPad I decided to try out the Your Shape for Kinect game that J brought home the other night. Well today I can't flipping move I am so sore!! I burned over 100 calories so far and it's a pretty intense workout. Today I'm planning on taking a break however if I feel better tonight I may just do some yoga or something else that's less intense. Yesterday for dinner was my first time making chicken salad at home, usually I only eat it if I'm at a sandwich shop or something, but it was delicious! I'm eating it for lunch today and I hope it's just as good. Even A enjoyed it and finished her plate. Todays plans involve relaxing and doing more "homework" with A and do something more stationary like puzzles instead of running around. Hope you all have a great Friday!! I probably won't post this weekend but I'll catch you up on anything new on Monday!

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