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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A catch up post from the weekend

First a quick apology for no posts over the holiday weekend.

First on Saturday we went over to my mothers house so that my daughter could play with some of her cousins but the tension was too much because my mother and I are currently not speaking, it's a very long story but to get the gist of it she shows me zero respect and has diarrhea of the mouth and I'm tired of it. Growing up she wasn't the best mother and I spent most of my time at my grandparents house so this is nothing new except for the fact that I've realized I'm old enough to decide who I allow in my life but I'm struggling on if I cut her off completely from my daughter as well because I don't want her to hurt her like she's hurt me over and over again. Anyways, Addison, my daughter had a blast playing with her cousins so it was worth the trip over there. Jason, my husband, and I came so close to actually staying up till midnight but it was a bust and we passed out at like 11:30-11:45pm ish. I woke up just after midnight because people were lighting fireworks outside and it scared the crap out of me, lol.

Sunday Jason took the Christmas tree down which I was ready to see go. We also decided that we were going to get new living room furniture that day because our sectional that we currently have has a tear in it and the pillows are just sagging too much and it drives me nutty! It's a pottery barn sectional which I over paid for so I def learned my lesson that there stuff is not made for quality. Anyways,we went out to Haverty's and bought a leather sofa, two cloth upholstered chairs, two side tables and a coffee table. The couch is def more of a modern style which isn't something I typically go for but in the store it looked so pretty and Jason loves a more modern style anyways so it was a good fit for us both, plus the two side chairs really even it out between modern and traditional. The furniture won't be here until Friday but I'll take a picture and post it when it arrives so I can get your opinions on it. Also, that night Jason and I had sex for the first time since my d&c so I'm healed and ready to start ttc again. I'm unsure if I want to wait until a have one normal period before we officially start trying or if I should go for it this cycle. I still need to start temping soon so that I don't have an annovulatory cycle like I did with my last d&c.

Monday Jason had off of work so we had a next breakfast at home and then relaxed all morning. We went to chipotle for lunch because we've both been craving it for two weeks now and we had to go to target anyways and they're right next to each other. While at target I got my first sewing machine. I'm crazy because I want to make our own curtains to match our new furniture when it arrives. We went to the fabric store afterwards and they had really nice Ralph Lauren fabric but I'm not going to start with the curtains so I got a cute fabric that matches Addison's room and I made her a little throw pillow for her bed. I need to go out and buy a button to button it shut but over all it looks really good and once the button is on I'll post a pick of that as well. Addison loves the pillow already and slept with it last night so I was happy. I do need new thread because we bought a starter kit and the thread in that was HORRIBLE and kept breaking on me so I was getting frustrated with constantly having to re-thread the machine. I need to find another "easy" project to do before I move to curtains and throw pillows for our new couch.

As for today, I need to catch up on some major cleaning! My house is disgusting from my lack of effort lately. I was in a real funk after this lost but I think I'm snapping out of it. It sucks and that won't change but I can at least focus on other things besides something I can't change. Since we're going to be ttc again I was thinking about going out and getting some sexy bras and panties to surprise Jason with to make things fun again since there's nothing fun or sexy with IVF.any suggestions on where to get some sexy things please let me know.

So that's all folks, I'm all caught up now. I think the weekends will be hard for me to post but I'll try my hardest. Also for now I might have more random posts like today's since I'm in limbo land after the d&c.

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