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Monday, January 16, 2012


Well this weekend flew by!! Didn't do much except work out and grocery shop but it was very relaxing to stay in the majority of the weekend. I've been working out with the your shape pretty much every night and I feel so good by doing it! I also downloaded an ap called your fitness pal and it keeps track my calories in and calories burned which makes everything a bit easier. There's also a good chance that my family will be relocating to Texas because J's company also has an office out there and Texas is where he grew up so it would be nice to go back. The cost of living is so much cheaper out there then here in northern Virginia so we could accord a lot more out there as well. J's company higher ups are discussing it now and I'm so nervous because I just want them to approve it. Plus it's a great opportunity to get as far away as possible from my bat shit crazy mother. She's always been emotionally abusive so I'm not being a big B by saying I want to get far away! Anywho...I've got to get back to cleaning up around here! I'll obviously be updating this when we find out what decision J's company is leaning towards.

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