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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

97.3, that was my temp this morning. Still pre o which is fine...for now. I'm super proud of myself for sticking with my new excersize routine this morning yet again even though I woke up super sore from yesterday! So this morning I had my coffee, made dd her breakfast, worked out, brushed and dressed dd, then did the same for myself, supervised dd making her bed and then made my own. Dd and I have been building towers with Legos and then being pretend bakers making play-doh cakes along with doing 8 pages of "homework" with dd for her to practice writing letters and numbers and recognizing colors etc. dd just finished a snack consisting of strawberry yogurt and sliced bananas. Now it's time for cleaning up a bit before preparing lunch and playing more with dd. last night I was "naughty" and had dh pick up dinner...I know so bad! But I will be cooking the turkey chili tonight for dinner. I have to say I feel so good with incorporating an excersize routine into my day! I have so much more energy to play and do chores.


  1. How old is your daughter? Mine is almost 2 and I feel like I need to "work" with her more. She can "sing" the alphabet, but doesn't really match the letters when she see them.

  2. My daughters turning 4 in February. Time is flying by!! I've been using "homework" books since she was about 2. I like the BrainQuest Workbook a lot for Preschool age but I'm not sure if they have one for bait younger. Flash cards are really great to get them to identify with numbers and letters.