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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Texas here we come!

So we got the official news on Friday that we are indeed moving to Texas! We are leaving March 30th and hoping to get there either the 31st or April 1st!!! We are all so exciting and have been celebrating ever since we got the official news. It was so stressful not knowing for sure so now it feels so ice that we can move! We've even started packing already which is crazy but we've been able to throw out a lot of stuff as well. The exciting part is we threw out a lot of the baby stuff so hopefully we do get pregnant again and I can start all of that shopping again!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Naughty blogger! Sorry for not posting in awhile!

Well I sure have been a naughty little blogger! Not much really to report. We're hoping to get confirmation on whether or not J's relocation has been approved. If it has then we think we would be gone within the next 3 months at the latest! We've found a couple houses to rent for the first year unit we truely know the area then we'll purchase a home for ourselves. Keeping everything crossed that it gets approved! We ordered some boxes and plan to start packing ASAP so lets hope we get to move! I have an appointment on Wednesday for blood work so that I can be prescribed some Provera since I haven't ovulated and it's been almost 30 days since the d&c. I'm anxious to start trying again and hope that we could even be pregnant before we move, wishful thinking!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I hate what ttc has done to me!!

Ok so I have been so freaking good at not becoming obsessed again with ttc #2. It almost seems bizarre that it's not consuming me but I'm at peace with it right now and we agreed to take my first cycle off after the d&c anyways. Well J calls me this morning from work to let me know that his boss won't be coming in today because there's a chance that him and his wife may be having their baby today. When he told me that I felt angry and I hate feeling this way. I just want our family to have a new addition and I'm so jealous of anyone who's pregnant or just had a baby. I don't want J to think I'm a major B so I don't want to press on the subject so I figured this was a good outlet for me. I hate what ttc for so long has done to me. I just want to be happy for others but it's so damn hard when they have what I so desperately want! Anyways, J's boss and his bosses boss discussed the possibility of us relocating and so far those two are on board. They just want J to train a new hire before he goes but they said that of it gets the final approval then it would be within the next 6 months. So the next step is getting J's bosses bosses boss, lol, to approve it and then it's a done deal! I hope it happens soon because we really want to move the heck out of dodge. Now we're contemplating whether or not we want to rent for 6 months when we first get there or if we just want to jump into it and purchase a house. That would def involve us putting some blind faith in the realtor to find us a family friendly and safe neighborhood in a good school district. Well last night I skipped my workout but I fell asleep at like 8:30pm! I was exhausted! So tonight I want to work out a little longer to make up for my naughtiness, lol. Still keeping up with the healthy meals and even though the scale isn't saying I'm losing weight I do feel thinner. Maybe it's in my head but it has been a week so I guess I could have lost an inch or so.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Well this weekend flew by!! Didn't do much except work out and grocery shop but it was very relaxing to stay in the majority of the weekend. I've been working out with the your shape pretty much every night and I feel so good by doing it! I also downloaded an ap called your fitness pal and it keeps track my calories in and calories burned which makes everything a bit easier. There's also a good chance that my family will be relocating to Texas because J's company also has an office out there and Texas is where he grew up so it would be nice to go back. The cost of living is so much cheaper out there then here in northern Virginia so we could accord a lot more out there as well. J's company higher ups are discussing it now and I'm so nervous because I just want them to approve it. Plus it's a great opportunity to get as far away as possible from my bat shit crazy mother. She's always been emotionally abusive so I'm not being a big B by saying I want to get far away! Anywho...I've got to get back to cleaning up around here! I'll obviously be updating this when we find out what decision J's company is leaning towards.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Your Shape ROCKS!

Ok so yesterday I didn't post because during m. Free time instead of being on my iPad I decided to try out the Your Shape for Kinect game that J brought home the other night. Well today I can't flipping move I am so sore!! I burned over 100 calories so far and it's a pretty intense workout. Today I'm planning on taking a break however if I feel better tonight I may just do some yoga or something else that's less intense. Yesterday for dinner was my first time making chicken salad at home, usually I only eat it if I'm at a sandwich shop or something, but it was delicious! I'm eating it for lunch today and I hope it's just as good. Even A enjoyed it and finished her plate. Todays plans involve relaxing and doing more "homework" with A and do something more stationary like puzzles instead of running around. Hope you all have a great Friday!! I probably won't post this weekend but I'll catch you up on anything new on Monday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

97.3, that was my temp this morning. Still pre o which is fine...for now. I'm super proud of myself for sticking with my new excersize routine this morning yet again even though I woke up super sore from yesterday! So this morning I had my coffee, made dd her breakfast, worked out, brushed and dressed dd, then did the same for myself, supervised dd making her bed and then made my own. Dd and I have been building towers with Legos and then being pretend bakers making play-doh cakes along with doing 8 pages of "homework" with dd for her to practice writing letters and numbers and recognizing colors etc. dd just finished a snack consisting of strawberry yogurt and sliced bananas. Now it's time for cleaning up a bit before preparing lunch and playing more with dd. last night I was "naughty" and had dh pick up dinner...I know so bad! But I will be cooking the turkey chili tonight for dinner. I have to say I feel so good with incorporating an excersize routine into my day! I have so much more energy to play and do chores.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A new day

Well I pulled out my basal body term and actually took my temp this morning! I'm so proud of myself, lol. 97.1 so I'm hoping I ovulate soon!!! I also managed to start my excersize routine this morning and now my arms and legs feel like jello but in a good way. I hope to keep up with it so I can tone up and have a rockin body come bathing suit season. I just want to change in a good way for this year and if a baby happens to be one of the changes then I'll be so flipping happy! Today's check list: Take temp (check) Work out (check) Play with Addi (check) Make lunch Do some work book pages with Addi Make a craft with Addi Sew on a button for Addi's pillow Play again Prepare dinner Clean up the house before Jason gets here Let's see if I can finish off my check list for the day!