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Monday, January 9, 2012

Well again I find myself apologizing for being MIA for 4 days! Thursday I decided to do an tech free day as much as possible with my daughter. She's becoming a but hooked on gadgets lately so I want to break the habit. It was a fun day though. "A" had school in the morning and then when I went to pick her up we came home and made a nice lunch and did a couple pages out of her workbook so she can be extra prepared for kindergarten in a year and a half and we spent the rest of the day coloring and playing make believe with some of her other toys. Friday the couch, chairs and side/coffee tables came. They look amazing and I couldn't be happier with them! We do need to replace one of the chairs though because one has a little tear in it so the replacement will be here on Saturday which is no biggie. Saturday we did nothing but relax and enjoy the furniture. We all had mimosas and of course "A" had a virgin mimosa, aka orange juice with a couple berries in it to make it look fancy. Sunday we went out for lunch and and stopped by J Crew, my drug of choice, lol. I got one sweater, a pair of pants and shoes. The actual store didn't have my size in pants and they didn't carry the shoes I wanted to I ordered those. I'm really hoping the shoes are what I'm expecting of them. They're very bright which is something very different then what I normally choose so I hope they're great otherwise I'll exchange them for a more neutral color. I felt so guilty leaving though spending over $300 on one outfit. We have the money so that's not the problem at all it's just I always feel guilty buying things for myself. I always think of all the other things I could have bought for "J" or "A". Well today I'm going to practice hemming a pair of shorts that are way too big before I attempt a nice pair of jeans. Hopefully it works out. Oh and before I completely forget, my nurse emailed me Saturday and my beta is completely negative. I'm relieved and hope we can start trying again immediately. I haven't been temping so I need to dig that out and get to it! I need to make sure I don't have another annovulatory cycle after the d&c. Also while I was trying on clothes I realized I need to tone up big time so I've decided to start an excersize routine this week, wish me luck!

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