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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Hump Day

Well it's Wednesday! Only two more days until my living room furniture is here!! I'm super excited.

Last night was a good one for Jason and I. He came home to a clean house which always makes me happy and a crock pot dinner so the whole house smelled wonderful! We had pot roast and mashed potatoes, yummy. Tonight Jason will be doing the majority of the cooking which is burgers and I'll make baked french fries. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, lol. Addison was in a good mood yesterday so when she finished dinner we pulled out the ice cream maker and made vanilla ice cream with chopped kit Kat bars inside.

When Addi went to bed Jason and I cleaned up after dinner and went upstairs and had some fun of our own. I forgot how much fun sex is when there's no pressure added to it. I'm actually starting to feel excited to start ttc again though. When we were trying on our own before we would get pregnant within 3 months so I don't think that's our problem however I just hope we win the jackpot so to speak and get a healthy egg the cycle we do get pregnant on. Losses are just too unbearable to continue to go through but I will not give up until our family is complete.

Jason and I have always agreed on wanting three children but the other day he told me that if our second is a boy then we should really think about stopping at two because he doesn't want to continually see me go through losses. I'm not really sure what to think about that. I told him that after the second I wouldn't want to stop trying for the third and maybe do a not try but bot prevent approach for the first year. It's just hard because I've always had a picture of what our family would look like and I hate the thought of "deleting" a child from the picture. I guess I just need to focus on conceiving the second child and see how our family feels at that point and have a heart to heart with Jason when the time comes.

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