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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I hate what ttc has done to me!!

Ok so I have been so freaking good at not becoming obsessed again with ttc #2. It almost seems bizarre that it's not consuming me but I'm at peace with it right now and we agreed to take my first cycle off after the d&c anyways. Well J calls me this morning from work to let me know that his boss won't be coming in today because there's a chance that him and his wife may be having their baby today. When he told me that I felt angry and I hate feeling this way. I just want our family to have a new addition and I'm so jealous of anyone who's pregnant or just had a baby. I don't want J to think I'm a major B so I don't want to press on the subject so I figured this was a good outlet for me. I hate what ttc for so long has done to me. I just want to be happy for others but it's so damn hard when they have what I so desperately want! Anyways, J's boss and his bosses boss discussed the possibility of us relocating and so far those two are on board. They just want J to train a new hire before he goes but they said that of it gets the final approval then it would be within the next 6 months. So the next step is getting J's bosses bosses boss, lol, to approve it and then it's a done deal! I hope it happens soon because we really want to move the heck out of dodge. Now we're contemplating whether or not we want to rent for 6 months when we first get there or if we just want to jump into it and purchase a house. That would def involve us putting some blind faith in the realtor to find us a family friendly and safe neighborhood in a good school district. Well last night I skipped my workout but I fell asleep at like 8:30pm! I was exhausted! So tonight I want to work out a little longer to make up for my naughtiness, lol. Still keeping up with the healthy meals and even though the scale isn't saying I'm losing weight I do feel thinner. Maybe it's in my head but it has been a week so I guess I could have lost an inch or so.

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